3PL Set to Create 8 Lakh Jobs by 2025: says Report

According to a survey conducted by the UK-based market research firm Technavio, the 3PL sector in India is predicted to develop by US$10.74 billion between 2021 and 2025, with an incremental growth of US$81.73 million by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 8%.

To support this expansion, the 3PL sector is becoming a significant employment producer. According to industry projections, hiring in the logistics sector increased by 11% between April and May of 2022. Indeed, the logistics sector, driven by the 3PL format, is expected to employ approximately 8 lakh people by the end of this year.

3PL Growth Drivers

Over the last several years, India’s 3PL sector has seen a slew of beneficial changes.

Government Reforms

The introduction of consistent tax rates and the abolition of entrance fees under GST has aided the sector’s expansion. Moreover, the National Logistics Policy unveiled on September 17 has opened new doorways to increase productivity.

The new framework places a special emphasis on streamlining processes for seamless coordination and lowering overall logistics costs, in addition to pushing employment generation and workforce skilling.

Covid Pandemic

The novel coronavirus had put many businesses to a halt. Logistics is one of the victims that suffered a major blow. Since the labor workforce was unavailable due to social distancing, many businesses turned their heads towards automation. This has led to an increased rate of productivity as well as the requirement for upskilled and trained workers in the industry.

What Kind of Jobs Should be Expected?

While the demand for traditional roles such as Pickers, Packers, Loaders, Unloaders, and Data Entry Operators remains high, there is also a growing preference for hiring people with specialized skill sets.

The logistics industry has also seen widespread use of technology. As a result, the demand for AI professionals has increased, as there is a need to optimize capacity planning, improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and increase output, all while ensuring a safe working environment for employees.

Where to Look for Excellent 3PL services in India?

As the third-party logistics market expands, several 3PL providers are emerging. A company seeking supply chain outsourcing should request a combination of old-world expertise and experience, as well as new-world energy and innovation, at this time.

Meraqui, a market expert, is well-known for its excellent Warehousing Management and Third-party logistics (3PL) services. We have state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructures in a 5 lakh sq. ft. area that is supported by technology. We also have a track record of success and a thorough grasp of various sectors and corporate activities.

Our Warehouse Licensing / Regulatory Compliance Management:

●    FSSAI certificate Shop & establishment, trade license

●    Fire and safety License

●    Inventory and Goods insurance

●    Shop and Establishment, Trade License, Shop and Establishment Certificate, MSME Registration, GST Registration, Drug License, CLRA License, Permissions from Fire Officer, Highway Authority, Land Acquisition Approvals, Tenancy Clearances, Gram Panchayat NOC, 7/12 opening for all LAA, No Reservation Certificate for the project

Our Staffing Services for 3PL & Warehousing

●    Supply Chain

●    Support Services

●    Blue Collar Employment

●    Payroll Management

●    Statutory Compliance

Apart from our 3PL strengths, our warehousing verticals are:

●    Central Processing Centre (CPC)

●    Distribution Centre

●    Fulfillment Centre

●    Delivery Hubs

●    Cold Storage

●    Dark Storage

Types of Roles we Fill:

●    Loaders/Unloaders

●    Pickers/Packers

●    Helpers

●    Shift & Floor Supervisors

●    Delivery Assistants

●    Data Entry Operators

● MHE Operators

●    Quality Checkers & Assistants

●    Delivery Boys

Final Thoughts

Between now and 2025, the Indian 3PL market is predicted to develop at more than 8%. In absolute terms, this means that India is likely to see a growth of around USD 10 billion. In recent years, India has emerged as an appealing warehousing market, attracting significant investments from global and private equity players.

In the future, logistics will necessitate digitalization and automation. Technology will no longer be a facilitator but a driver of processes, efficiency, and optimization. New technologies such as data analytics, robotics, and quantum computing will drive growth.

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