How Meraqui Uses for Efficient Candidate Selection

Discover how Meraqui has revolutionized the candidate selection process with From onboarding to managing and generating payroll, is proving to be an all-rounder.

Understanding is a cloud-based AI companion developed by Meraqui to automate the candidate selection process. AI interacts with candidates and employers through chat. Its advanced algorithms select the most suitable candidates.

  • runs background verification to ensure only genuine & verified candidates get onboarded.
  • Businesses don’t need to worry about hirings, helps them with smooth & seamless self-onboarding.
  • This AI tracks a candidate’s daily attendance and also tracks their life cycle from joining to retirement.
  • can extend candidates’ salary advances, and loans when they are in urgent need of money.

How is Meraqui Leveraging

For a complex organization, recruiting and managing a large workforce is a hectic task. The process is undoubtedly time-consuming and prone to human errors. To tackle these problems, we at Meraqui are leveraging for efficient workforce recruitment & management.

  1. Scaling Recruitment: Planning to scale your business? allows you to hire workers on a large scale. You don’t need to visit several vendors to recruit workers, Meraqui is there for you. By handing over recruitment to us, businesses can reduce their sourcing cost and turnover times by 30%.
  2. Automated AI Onboarding: collects candidates’ KYC data along with generating UAN numbers, ESIC registration, and appointment letter. And it helps them in self onboarding too. By doing so, you can reduce the backend team cost and turnaround times by 45%.
  3. Automated Payroll: From onboarding candidates to mark their attendance, is managing all of these tasks. It gathers attendance data and automatically creates payroll sheets according to business needs. It also uploads data in Management software for advanced insights. eliminates manual intervention and reduces processing time by more than 50%.
  4. Digital Compliance Management: timely fills Statutory Compliances with negligible manual intervention. And also reduced third-party dependence on compliance. It generates UAN, and ESIC numbers in no time and helps in reducing time for mandating other compliances by 70%.

Wrapping the Things Above

At Meraqui, we are utilizing to streamline the candidate selection process. From onboarding to generating payroll, is managing them all. It helps in their self-onboarding, generating UAN and ESIC numbers to track and maintain their attendance records. With AI, recruiting candidates, even on a large scale takes no time and becomes hassle-free.

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