How 5G will revolutionize Supply Chain Management?

How 5G will revolutionize SCM?

Did you know that the entire process of production starting from the procurement of raw materials to accomplishing the process by sending the finished goods to the doorstep of customers can be done by using 5G, which is the fastest telecom service as of now in this world? Are you aware that the 5G network will highly impact the future of the goods and service production industry and it will be beneficial? Supply chain management will require the help of the 5G mode of a network to increase the efficiency of its system.

What is SCM (Supply Chain Management)

SCM also known as Supply Chain Management refers to the management of the flow of goods and services and all related processes right from obtaining raw materials to transforming goods into a final product and helping them to reach their final destination. The digital SCM helps the manufacturers to quickly deliver the product to its customers and also keeps all information related to tracking the product using particular software which is also beneficial for all parties which are related to the management of the products. Also, the customers find this system more reliable as it is transparent. Along with the growth of industrialization, SCM has become more advanced as it is efficiently helping manufacturers and the management department for the flow of goods easily.

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks. It is a global wireless network which has come into being after the introduction of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. It has a high-speed network and low latency which means that ample data can be sent in minimal time and is comparatively more reliable than other generations. In the current scenario, 5G enables the processing of larger files and data quickly as compared to other telecom technologies.

There are certain benefits of 5G Technology on Supply Chain Management,:-

1. Improve the transportation of goods: For many years, goods are transported to their final destination through a manual process and the seller needs to be in regular contact with the driver who is authorized to send the goods to the customers, which is even more time-consuming. With the advancement of time, 5G technology has helped the seller to easily transport goods and it avoids miscommunication as details of the product can be traced and tracked. It also provides insights into the current situation of roads, driver’s behaviour and if any damage has been caused to the goods during the travel period. It is comparatively more affordable as not many employers are involved in the sector of transportation of goods as it can be done using the Internet.

2. Solves critical problems related to any department in the Supply chain system easily: These days work from home has become common in India. It has started since Coronavirus has become widespread and the lockdown was implemented. Nowadays, it has become easy to solve problems or conflicts among the members working in the same community through video conferencing which can be held in the zoom, Meet or any other applications. 5G will help in better communication among members and it will reduce network connectivity problems as it is the fastest form of telecom services.

3. Customer service and technical support: These days companies have introduced a new system known as customer service where customers can put up their order-related issues and can communicate with a representative of a company or the seller directly and their queries are solved either through text messages or phone calls. It will not be necessary for customers to arrive at the production centre for the replacement or repair of goods and neither manufacturer needs to visit the customer’s house. As their problems are solved easily and they feel more reliable which creates a friendly atmosphere between the company and the individual.

4. 5G will improve the manufacturing process: 5G will enable companies to shift their interest from man-made goods to machine-made goods. Manufacturing through robots and computers will rapidly increase after the launch of the 5G service in India. Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in India. 5G’s more reliable and high-speed internet connectivity will increase the effectiveness of the manufacturing process and reduce labour costs. As wireless 5G service will replace wireless fidelity system, it will allow robots and AGVs. AGVs are those vehicles which are self-propelled and their locomotion is controlled by software and sensors.


As there are two sides to the coin, there are also certain disadvantages of the 5G network and resources should be used only if it is necessary. But the 5G network is highly essential in the field of production as it will help in decreasing human labour costs and can take the company to the next level. It will move goods more easily and in an accurate form. It will ensure transparency as customers will get detailed information related to their products and can keep a track of it. India is still processing the launch of 5G in all parts of it and we can expect that very soon India will be top-listed in global scientific output.

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