How to effectively leverage Al to boost your SCM process?

Machines do those that human can’t or what human needs time to do. How does a machine perform tasks with such accuracy? The need for machines-learning and hashtag#Artificial hashtag#Intelligence in all spheres is increasing human potential too. Humans are in search of new technology and new machines. The field that has been benefitted from hashtag#AI is business and hashtag#Supply hashtag#Chain. Effective use of machine learning will help to increase the productivity of the market and reduce major upheaval of the economy. For a better understanding of what is AI or its uses of it in the Indian market, let’s read the article.

How can artificial intelligence be defined?

Artificial intelligence is a modern kind of technology which replaces human activities it is intelligence demonstrated by machines and can perform the task that usually requires human knowledge. AI is the most becoming the most useful in every tech industry. AI is a computer-based activity that can do human activities such as logic and reasoning, planning, creativity, etc. and they are not hashtag#trained as much as humans. They even do the work faster than humans. Why does Facebook or YouTube recommend videos that are similar to what you watched last time? It is because of Artificial Intelligence.

Need for AI in India:

Indian market is rapidly increasing in the field of the IT industry. Due to the huge increase in population, the demand for goods has increased. To fulfil the requirement, the period from production to delivery of goods should be reduced. As human beings require time, modern technologies help in completing all the procedures as quickly as possible. It will also reduce the overall cost. Modern technologies even don’t need to be spoon-fed the procedure of doing things can be controlled manually. It allows the workers to do high-level tasks which machines can’t do. It saves time and overall expenditure. Moreover, the human can make optimum utilization of their skills. India will soon become the hub of AI. We need the assistance and effective use of Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain to boost the market’s capacity for production and distribution. The use of AI in the supply chain will make huge progress in the coming years.

Need for AI in Supply Chain Management:

The effective use of AI will boost the economic condition of India. The uses of AI in Supply Chain Management are as follows:

  • Reduce shipping cost: AI helps in reducing the shipping cost as products are shipped easily to places and labour costs are being reduced. Initially, the producers had to be in constant touch with drivers who were given the responsibility to safely transport goods and send them to the customer’s location. But now, with the help of AI, the location of products can be tracked, and records can be maintained.
  • Helps in the navigation of routes: The GPS tools provide insights into the current situation of roads and give us an alternative route, if there is any. This helps in fast delivery of goods, and it reduces the chances of damage. Also, it will save money and time for future shipments. The essential role of machine learning in Supply Chain Management is the on-time delivery of goods.
  • Helps in forecasting demands: AI helps in predicting the preference of the customer even before they purchase goods. AI detects the preference or choices of customers based on their search history. This helps in saving production costs and helps to invest in required fields or spheres. It also saves human energy.
  • Management of goods during loading and unloading from the containers: It gives a detailed analysis of the condition of the product, of how and when the goods are shipped and are loaded and unloaded from the shipping containers. It gives real-time visibility during the loading process. It helps in quickly managing and organizing parcels and protocols are maintained.
  • Solves the problems of customers digitally and quickly: AI provides a customer service facility and solves the queries of customers and tries to satisfy their demands. This creates a friendly and reliable atmosphere between the customers and the company. The customer tends to purchase products from the same market.
  • AI provides end-to-end visibility: Keeping complete track of products from the production period to delivery time is not always possible. But the automated AI-driven technology provides a detailed virtual analysis of the condition of the products, accurate timing of the entire process, loopholes, and areas which need in-depth analysis and more attention and scope for improvement. Also, customers are given specific id for tracking their goods, whether it is shipped or not, when they will be delivered, etc.
  • Help in recruiting employees: Advanced AI hashtag#technology and the hashtag#HR department searching for the candidate most suitable for the job position through their resume submission. AI can match the top applicant suitable for the job position and also can gather information about the candidate using several sources.


“As fast as business moves in this digital age, AI will help it move even faster”, said Karen Panetta, a fellow with the technical professional organization IEEE and Tufts University professor of electrical and computer engineering. AI will help in the faster manufacturing of goods and quick delivery services. It will provide better service. It will reduce human errors as humans are prone to making mistakes and as robots and machine learning will be in use, there will be fewer chances of miscommunication and it will be hassle-free. It will reduce overall expenditure. AI performs tasks much more quickly than humans. For example, a calculator can quickly sum up the revenue collected with no mistake being committed which will not cause tension among the team members. This problem is likely to arise if humans are involved. Someone has rightly said that one day machines will take over humans.

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